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For more than 40 years Spa Eastman Montreal has enjoyed a reputation as one of the world’s best spas and health retreats.

40多年来,蒙特利尔Spa Eastman酒店始终是全世界最好的水疗和养生圣地之一。

With the promise of a life-changing vacation, Spa Eastman’s all-inclusive packages combine treatments at the award-winning spa with a variety of physical activities, informative teachings on wellness and prevention and a unique food philosophy – all delivered with personalized service in a truly regenerating environment.

秉持着改变生活方式的服务理念,Spa Eastman酒店屡获殊荣的水疗中心提供全套的疗养服务,包括各种理疗活动、养生及预防知识普及以及独特的食疗理念,在真正让您焕发新生的环境中,为您提供完全订制的服务。

Spa Eastman also offers tailored programs for detoxification, weight loss and de-stressing along with an annual program of workshops including Yoga and meditation retreats and fitness boot camps.

除瑜伽、冥想治疗及健身训练营外,Spa Eastman酒店还提供专门的排毒、减肥及舒压课程。

„Spa Eastman offers a unique concept in which to experience a customized spa-vacation focused on self-renewal and wellness as the first step to improving overall well-being. “

“Spa Eastman酒店有着独一无二的养生理念,提供客制化水疗假期,首先专注于个人焕活及养生,然后帮助顾客改善整体健康。”

At Spa Eastman, you’ll feel instantly at home. Set on 326 acres surrounded by gardens and picture-perfect scenery including incredible views of Mount Orford, Spa Eastman is the perfect setting to rest and restore.

Spa Eastman酒店让您宾至如归。 酒店占地326公顷,被花园及如画景致所环绕,可以看到风光迤逦的奥弗山,是修身养性、恢复活力的完美选择。

From the country village-like setting of its 44 accommodation rooms to the 15 kilometers of nature hiking trails surrounding the retreat, Spa Eastman offers an authentic rural escape from the stresses of everyday life.

从44间乡村小屋风格的客房,到围绕酒店的15公里长的步道,Spa Eastman酒店让您摆脱日常生活的压力,回归美妙的乡野。

With a belief in the importance of health and happiness that extends to Spa Eastman’s unusual culinary experience, this is a colorful, tasty and energizing health retreat!

Spa Eastman酒店对健康和幸福的重要性的信仰一直延伸到其非凡的烹饪方法中,是一家集美景、美食及活力的养生酒店。


44 uniquely-decorated guest rooms located in seven accommodation pavilions



Yoga, pilates, meditation & Tai Chi/ Qi Gong


Personal fitness training


Bird watching, biking & hiking – 15kms of hiking trails on-site


Healing & Spa康复及水疗

Spa Facilities


0 treatment rooms, highly-acclaimed & awarded Spa


Nordic baths, 2 outdoor spas, 1 outdoor pool, 1 indoor pool, 3 saunas (Infrared, Finnish and hammam, 1 Igloo shower)

北欧养生浴池,2个户外浴池,1个户外泳池,1个室内泳池,3个桑拿室 (红外线桑拿室、芬兰桑拿浴室、土耳其桑拿浴室,1间冷水淋浴间)

Gym/fitness studio & 2 Kneipp (circuit arms and legs)

健身房/健身工作室及2间克奈普治疗室 (手臂及腿部循环疗法)

Healing Therapies & Treatments


Massage (Swedish, Shiatsu, sports, Californian, lymphatic drainage, Lomi-atsu, reflexology, Kobido (Japanese facial massage), Neo-Reichian, hot stone, Alpine Arnica muscle repair treatment, scalp & duo massage)


Therapies (Kneipp, Watsu, osteopathy, naturopathy, fascia therapy, thermotherapy & hydrotherapy)


Body treatments (body scrubs, exfoliation & body wraps)


Consultations (lifestyle coaching, nutritional consultancy, fitness assessments & personal training, spirituality)


Beauty treatments (facials, manicures, pedicures, tanning, hair removal & Neurospa Power nap station)

美容护理(面部护理,美甲,修脚,美黑,脱毛和Neurospa Power睡眠美容治疗)


Tonic Cuisine restaurant – offering a unique gastronomical experience based on scientific research and food-combining principles

Tonic Cuisine餐厅——基于科学研究和食物搭配原则,提供独特的美食体验

Healthy, mostly organic, non-GMO, local and seasonal ingredients


Gluten-free and dairy-free options



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